Owerri City Cinema Hangout

Let’s catch fun, meet great minds and decide the future! Owerri City has never had it served this hot.

Movies & Networking

Imagine a meeting of the greatest young minds in Owerri, and then you're not there? We really are not complete!

Games & Karaoke

Work, work, work, and games! It'd never hurt. Come play games with the best of their fields, and let's see who wins.

Snacks & Drinks

What fun is a movie when your tummy is not watching? There'd be item 7 too guys!!!

The Owerri City
Cinema hangout 2021

While Owerri seems to be the capital of entertainment of the nation, there are almost no entertaining hangouts targeted at the young, innovative and growing generation.
Let’s gather, meet great minds, discuss emerging opportunities and of course, catch cruise!


August 2021

Bill Watterson

Author of Calvin and Hobbes

We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are!

Share A Room With 29 Great Minds

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Tickets cost ₦3,000 per participant!


Wide choice of movies, and you get to choose what to watch

Games & Karaoke

How about we play games and karaoke while discussing business opportunities?

Discussions & Networking

You'll also get to network and discuss with some of the 30 greatest young minds in Owerri city!


Don't worry, we have our tummies in mind!

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We have only 30 seats, and we close up!