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The Julob Indie Film Festival (JIFF) is an event where filmmakers from all corners of the world gather to celebrate the magic of cinema and artistic expression. It's a heartfelt effort to uplift independent creators while also boosting our local film scene, both at home and on the global stage.

Through this festival, we aim to bring together everyone involved in the industry, creating a space where collaboration flourishes and the power of film shines bright for all to see.

Submissions Are Ongoing

Feature & Short Movie Projects

The Julob Indie Film Festival welcomes submissions from filmmakers around the world and celebrate diversity in storytelling and cinematic excellence.

Films of all genres, lengths, and formats are welcome for submission. Whether you’ve crafted a compelling narrative feature, an engaging documentary, an innovative short film, or an experimental work of art, we want to see it!Please submit your film digitally via our online submission platform. We accept submissions in common video file formats such as .mp4, .mov, or .avi.
If your film is selected, we may request a high-resolution copy for screening purposes.



Dark Angels



Documentaries of any length and genre are welcome for submission. Whether it's a feature-length exploration or a short-form expose, we're eager to see your work.

Submissions must be provided in digital format. Accepted formats include online screeners, Vimeo links, or downloadable files. Please ensure that your submission is of high quality for optimal viewing.Submissions in any language are accepted.
However, non-English language films must include English subtitles for consideration.

Diverse Awards Categories

Feature and Short Projects

We warmly welcome filmmakers worldwide to submit their films to the Julob Indie Film Festival.

Our festival celebrates cinematic diversity, accepting films of all genres, styles, and languages, including both shorts and features completed after a specified date.
By submitting, filmmakers grant us permission to screen their films during the festival and use excerpts for promotional purposes. It’s crucial that filmmakers secure all necessary rights and permissions for their content.


Documentaries of all lengths and topics are welcome. We accept submissions from both established filmmakers and emerging talents.
Please submit your documentary through our online submission portal. We accept digital screeners in standard formats such as MP4, MOV, or AVI. Ensure that your submission is of high quality for optimal viewing.



The Julob Indie Film Festival 2024 Calendar

23 Oct
Submissions of movies and documentaries ongoing
26 Oct
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23 Oct
Individuals can sign up to volunteer
25 Sep
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From Previous Attendees

As a filmmaker, I found the Julob Indie Film Festival to be an invaluable opportunity to connect with industry professionals and fellow artists. The networking events were fantastic, and I left feeling motivated and energized to continue pursuing my passion for storytelling. Thank you for such a rewarding experience!

Jenna O.


What an enriching cultural experience! The Julob Indie Film Festival not only entertained but also educated audiences about different cultures and perspectives through the medium of film. It was a joy to witness the diversity of voices and stories represented on screen. Kudos to the organizers for a job well done!

Kelly J.


I had the pleasure of attending the Julob Indie Film Festival with friends, and we were blown away by the quality of the films showcased. From gripping dramas to heartwarming documentaries, there was something for everyone. The festival atmosphere was vibrant, and we left feeling inspired and eager to explore more cinema.

Wilson I.

Film Producer

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