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Let's JULOB It

Julob Entertainment Limited (RC No: 2005888) is a leading entertainment company with a focus on filmmaking, event planning, talent management and public relations.


It Takes Two To Tango

Over the past seven years, Julob and our other brands have worked with several Nigerian and foreign brands and individuals to increase sales, improve online branding and reach out to a better audience.


We work with you to make your projects make sense.


At times you do not even see what you have, but we do!


What is life with out fun? Let Julob handle your events.


You have worked hard, take a break to make memories.


Let's Build Together

Julob Originals

Original and high quality African dramas
straight from the Julob bakery.

Julob Travels & Tours

Annual trips and tours to exotic locations
in and outside of the country.

Julob Media Consultancy

Working with brands and individuals
to improve their online presense.


High quality and affordable local made
fashion materials and clothings.


Online cinema and movie viewing app
available on Android, iOS and your browser.

Website and software development

Imo Film Academy

You can now enrol in the Imo Film Academy and learn from the industry's best. Available courses include directing, film editing, cinematography, screenwriting, acting,  film production, visual effects and sound design.

Julob Originals

#1 Platform for Original Nollywood Dramas

We are committed to showcasing Africa, and telling the best of the region’s story in ways they have never been seen.
From our podcasts to videos and beyond, we work with talented storytellers and creators to explore themes true to the continent.

Other Projects By Julob

Some other educating and entertaining projects we manage;

Make Music Imo

Imo International Film Festival

IMSU Science Dinner & Awards

Mr & Miss Science Pageant

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Ask!

Julob is a Nigerian based entertainment brand with focus on event and talent management, filmmaking and public relations.

Everyone – but not everyone! Do you have some services you think we would need, head over to our careers page and check for a suitable job availability.

To reach out to Julob, shoot an email to We partner on entertainment related projects not limited to events, movies, music and tours.