About Us

About Us

We Exist To Keep You Entertained!

Julob Entertainment Limited (RC No: 2005888) is a leading entertainment company with a focus on filmmaking, event planning, talent management and public relations.

Some of our movie projects include A Place I Called HomePerfect Distraction, Kamsi’s Diary and Chiugo.
We also run other tech, social and fashion-related projects like Qiriwe, Luxraid, WebX and Safe Earth.

Building Teams

We build teams of people interested in specific projects to ensure a uniformed growth.

Entertaining & Educating

Life doesn't have to be stressful! Our projects combine education and entertainment in ways that go unnoticed.


There are dozens of ways to get empowered through our various projects.


Business and tech contents


Event management brand


Web development company


Entertainment and news

Fun & Lifestyle

Committed To Keeping People Entertained

We exist to keep you entertained – everything from our events to game nights, movie projects, and tours.

Other Projects By Julob

Some other educating and entertaining projects we manage;